Transformation Package

Pay as you go | $200 each visit

No one will know but everyone will notice that you glow!

Be magically transformed with 3 visits over 4 weeks. This is our most popular Transformation Package that takes care of your face, neck and hands. A Total Face Rejuvenation that is so affordable and simply magical.

First Visit

A deep cleanse and peel. Depending on your skin condition, we will recommend one of the following peels.

  • Dramatic transform peel where your skin sheds its dead cells and starts transforming
  • Moderate clarity peel where your problem skin clears up and starts clarifying

Second Visit

Face, neck and hands. During the second visit, you will be treated to our signature 3-in-1 Xeo Laser treatment where the focus will be on your face, neck and hands. Expect an hour of treatment plus a Jan Marini facial during this visit.

  • Xeo Vascular Laser (Nd Yag) that treat broken capillaries and fine surface veins
  • Xeo Limelight IPL that treat pigmentation and red flushing while promoting clarity
  • Xeo Genesis (Nd Yag) reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving texture and collagen renewal

Third Visit

By now, you would witness the surfacing of beautiful skin. Your last visit includes another hour of treatment where we will 

  • Deep cleanse
  • Perform a medical microdermabrasion where we will exfoliate and treat with the      assistance of a light chemical peel
  • Deep infusion of an anti-ageing serum through dermafrac micro needling and infusion
  • Perform a safe and gentle LED therapy
  • blue light - antibacterial
  • red light - to rejuvenate and stimulate collagen
  • yellow light - condition the skin
  • This treatment ends with a Jan Marini facial and cooling or rejuvenation mask



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