Dermal Needling

Freshen Your Skin | from $250 per session

What Is The Treatment, Exactly?

The Dermapen is administered by a qualified skin specialist, where a small pen-like apparatus glides across your face in a gentle sweeping motion. Micro-sized needles pierce the upper dermal layer using a spring-loaded system (to ensure a consistent depth when needling and consistent coverage throughout the treatment), kick-starting your body’s wound healing response aka the production of collagen and elastin.

Walk Me Through The Treatment

Pre treatment, your skin is fully cleansed before a numbing agent is applied. Once this has taken effect, (approx. 30-40 mins) your skin is cleansed once more before the treatment starts.  

The treatment itself offers next to no pain, only experiencing a gentle pressure as the Dermapen is gently swept across the skin. You may feel a slight tingle in areas that are more sensitive such as your nose and around the eye area, but this is very minimal.

It’s all over within 30 minutes and can easily be done during a lunch hour.

Is There Any Down Time?

Other than a slightly red face, any redness and inflammation will go down within 48 hours. You’re advised to go makeup-free for 24 hours post-treatment, and wearing SPF 50 and avoiding sun exposure is a must while your skin is healing. As your skin continues to heal post-treatment, you may feel slightly dry and your skin may look a little lacklustre, but this will also gradually return to normal after 3-5 days.



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